New Brothread Embroidery Thread Reviews

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Are you teaching yourself how to embroider but don’t have a thread? If so, we’ll cover the best New Brothread embroidery thread reviews in this guide. We’ll go over the three most reliable embroidery threads from Brothread.

Chances are, there is one for you that meets all of your needs. There is one for those who don’t mind spending a little more money, an option for those on a budget, and one if you need the best embroidery money can get.

Now that we’re on the same page let’s look to find more about these embroidery threads.

New Brothread Embroidery Thread Reviews

Are you looking for the best high-quality embroidery threads to improve your learning curve? Then these three embroidery threads will suit you well. Here are our favorite New Brothread embroidery threads:

1. New Brothread 500Y 63 Colors Polyester Thread – Best Overall

New Brothread 500Y 63 Colors Polyester Thread
New Brothread 500Y 63 Colors

If you’re looking for a beautiful set of embroidery threads, then you will absolutely love this set from Brothread.

With 63 threads to meet your most demanding tasks, this set from Brothread offers 63 vivid colors to ensure whatever design you work on gives off a premium sensation.

Are you getting sick of weak threads that keep breaking over and over? Rest assured! Brothread is your best option when it comes to durability. This kit dramatically reduces the so-stressful risk of the threads breaking over and over by adding both elasticity and tenacity.

This kit uses polyester to ensure the colors remain in great shape despite the extreme conditions they might have to undergo.

Key Features Checklist (Specifications)

  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 500Y
  • Thickness: Varies
  • Presentation: Spools
  • Colors: 63 colors

Why do we Like it?

  • Vivid colors and easy to use
  • The colors hold up pretty well
  • Excellent strength
  • Works like a charm on sewing machines

Our Verdict

Overall, this magnificent kit from Brothread won’t let you down. With its beautiful colors and mind-blowing strength, you really can’t go wrong with this excellent choice.

2. New Brothread 500Y 40 Colors Polyester Thread – Best Cheapest Option

New Brothread 500Y 40 Colors Polyester Thread
New Brothread 500Y 40 Colors

If you’re on a budget but still want to get a reliable set of threads, then this is the right kit for you. Compared to the other two New Brothread reviews, this kit from Brothread is the cheapest one.

Just because this is a budget option does not mean you’re getting a low-end product. In fact, this thread comes with 40 spools. And all those spools are made of polyester to ensure the colors look great.

Just like the previous set of threads, this one is also pretty durable. With this kit, you don’t have to worry about the threads breaking as you thread a needle on your own, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

All the spools weigh roughly 3 pounds. The length is approximately 500M for each spool, which is enough for anybody looking to get new threads for their sewing machines.

Key Features Checklist (Specifications)

  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 500Y
  • Thickness: Varies
  • Presentation: Spools
  • Colors: 40 colors

Why do we Like it?

  • Colors remain in great shape
  • True to life colors
  • Excellent length
  • Great budget option

Our Verdict

Given all the beautiful colors, the top-notch resistance, and how well-made these embroidery threads are, we can safely say that this is an excellent option for anybody looking to get a new kit of threads for an affordable price.

3. New Brothread 1000Y 64 Colors Polyester Thread  – Premium Choice

New Brothread 1000Y 64 Colors Polyester Thread
New Brothread 1000Y 64 Colors

Are you looking for the best machine embroidery thread? Then you will love this premium option from Brothread.

If you’re not on a budget, why not spend a little bit more money? This kit is more expensive than the two previous options, but it is worth every penny. This time, this kit comes with 61 gorgeous spools.

There is not much to say about the colors other than they are absolutely beyond what we initially expected, genuinely living up to its price.

There is nothing more annoying than thread tangling. If you hate that horrible mess just like us, then this the set of threads you’re looking for. It comes with a sturdy base that wraps the threads at the bottom to prevent thread tangling.

The threads are made of polyester, which is super helpful as polyester is an excellent material if you want to make sure you’re getting a durable thread that won’t fade any time soon.

Key Features Checklist (Specifications)

  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 1000Y
  • Thickness: Varies
  • Presentation: Spools
  • Colors: 61 colors

Why do we Like it?

  • Solid colors
  • Prevents thread tangling
  • No fading
  • Made of durable polyester

Our Verdict

Overall, this is an excellent end-product. The colors of this kit look fantastic, they are also durable enough to withstand extreme conditions, and the base to prevent thread tangling make this kit a great option

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Looking for a little enlightenment on New Brothread embroidery threads? Then this FAQ section is for you. Here are three commonly asked questions about this brand:

Who makes Brothread embroidery thread?

The manufacturer that makes the new brothread embroidery threads is called New Brothread. It’s an excellent company for anybody that needs threads.

Is Brothread made by Brother?

No, the New Brothread embroidery threads are made by a third party independent company. 

Where is Brothread made?

Brothread is both a manufacturer and a supplier, and they have over 28 years of experience making threads. New Brothread is based in China.

Wrapping Up

Did you find our new brothread embroidery thread reviews to be useful for your search? We hope you found the unique brothread embroidery you were looking for.

The three new brothread embroidery threads we chose are durable, hold up pretty well, and have beautiful colors to make your projects stand out. 

And depending on what you need, you have three excellent options to choose from on the market. If the premium thread is not on the budget list, then the least expensive one will meet all your needs. And if you want to get the premium experience, the premium one is there for you and the first one.

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